Acceptance of credit cards via the Internet

Credit Card acceptance conditions, complaints and the right to refund

1. Credit Card acceptance conditions



Travel agency Moja Kućica d.o.o. accepts cards via the Internet via PBZ Card as an acceptor.


The agency accepts payment for the reservation and accommodation it offers through its sales channels directly to the guest or a travel agency partner and in doing so accepts payment for services by the guest


or by another partner travel agency with the following credit cards: MasterCard®, Visa and Maestro®. 




Accommodation capacities are ordered by confirming the offer on the e-mail agency: info@karavela.com.  All communication with accommodation service seekers (receiving requests, sending offers, booking


confirmation, etc.) it is done via the e-mail address of the agency: info@karavela.com  and possibly by phone, by fax, etc.




Acceptance of cards and payment for accommodation services via the Internet is done only when selling accommodation facilities which the agency mediates and sells in someone else's name and for someone


else's account.


Other tourist services offered by the agency (excursions, etc.) are not sold and are not charged in this way.




Based on a written offer that must be accepted by the partner travel agency or by the guest, accommodation can be paid for online in full or only one part in advance before arrival or on arrival and stay in the


accommodation unit, but as agreed in writing.




2. Complaints and the right to refund



Should the services provided not be satisfactory, the customer is entitled to seek reasonable compensation by filing a written complaint. Every customer is entitled to file a complaint if the paid service is not provided. Every customer - reservation holder, files a separate complaint.


Complaint procedure:



If the traveler is not satisfied with a specific situation upon arrival, he is obligated to inform the representative of service provider (owner of accommodation, etc.) as well as inform tourist agency representative immediately, giving explanation to his dissatisfaction. The traveler should contact service provider first and try to get a satisfactory solution directly on the spot. The traveler is obligated to cooperate with the service provider and tourist agency in good will to solve the problem. If the traveler accepts a proposed solution on the spot, agency is not obligated to accept any further complaints.




If the problem is not solved during the stay, within 14 days after reservation was ended, the guest has to deliver a complaint in writing to tourist agency, enclosing the written complaint together with all documentation and photographs which proves the complaint, by e-mail or regular mail. Tourist agency will consider only complete and documented complaints received within 14 days of guest's departure.




While the solving of complaint lasts, at most 14, that is 28 days after the complaint is made, the traveler will not use any other person, UHPA, other institutions, or giving information in the media. Also, during this period, the traveler agrees not to sue or press charges.



The highest compensation regarding a complaint can be the amount of the objected part of the service, but cannot cover already used services or the complete amount for the accommodation used. That excludes the right of the traveler to any compensation of non material or optimal damage.


Tourist agency can not be considered responsible for weather conditions, sea temperature, or other similar situations or events that are unsatisfactory, and are not directly connected with quality of the reserved accommodation unit (bad weather, bad beach, public beach is far from the accommodation, traffic jams, crime, etc.).




3. General conditions of accommodation



By using this website, the user agrees that he is fully aware of and agrees to the terms stated


on this page as well as with the terms and conditions on the General Terms and Conditions for accommodation services (see: Useful information - General terms and conditions for accommodation services).


If the user does not agree with the terms, he should not use the website.